Spirit Lives Among Us!

Some spirits don’t seem to make it to the great cross over after passing from this life.

Have you ever encountered spirits in your home or someone else’s? Have you felt really cold air, a sense that someone was watching you, or even been touched by a spirit?

I know from personal experience with spirits in my house that they definitely do exist.

At one point the lights in my house were turning on seemingly by themselves. One morning, I left our home empty while I took my daughter to work. When I came back home and returned to my home office, I realized that the light on my desk was on. Now this light has a touch pad on the desk. It takes the energy of my fingers to activate the lighting of the lamp. I knew that the light was not on when I left just a short time before.

Of course, logic wants to take hold to find a rational answer to the situation. So I tried activating the light by bumping it with papers on my desk and just waving my hand over it. Nothing worked but the energy of touching it.

I even sent a text to my husband to inquire if he had been in my office before he left though I knew full well the lamp was not on when I left the house empty.

For a couple of years the lights in my house would randomly be on. Mostly the lamp on my office desk, however, one evening while we were watching TV, the touch lamp beside me in the living room went up two levels. I said to my husband, “You saw that right?”

Well he always insisted that it was an electrical glitch that made the lights come on. I, on the other hand, knew that this was too frequently happening to be that.

Other strange things happened in our home as well that could not be explained in any other way but that spirit was involved.

My home is a one-floor bungalow with the kitchen on one end, the living room/dining room in the middle and two bedrooms and a bathroom at the other end. One day a few of us adults were standing in the kitchen when we hear quite a loud noise coming from the other end of the house.

I went into the living room/dining room area where my granddaughter was watching TV. I asked her what happened and she shrugged that she didn’t know. I went into my Reiki room only to discover that a picture had fallen from the wall. The backing and picture were leaning up against the wall as if set there to await hanging and the glass and frame had slid under my Reiki table.

Upon investigation, the nail was painted into the wall and to this day would need to be pried out with a hammer. The bar (for hanging) on the back of the frame was fully in tact. My only explanation, assumption is that spirit did this.

Another very unusual experience was when I had a different picture that I wanted to hang in my house. When I brought it home, my husband said he didn’t like the feel of the picture and didn’t want it hung up. When I got this particular picture, the wire on the back was not connected on one side. When I attempted to hook it back up, the other side came off. I found this unusual, not to mention frustrating.

I decided to leave the picture face down on the dining room table with the wire laying on the back. In the morning as I crossed the room, my foot hit something on the floor. It turns out it was the wire from the picture. Hubby and I were the only ones in the house and so there is no logical explanation for the wire to be on the floor but that spirit had done it.

We never did hang that picture as I felt that was a sign not to.

I felt quite positive that we had spirit in our house though I had no idea who or how many. I was told by a couple of people that there was a child here and a couple of adults.

In order to find out for sure if spirit was causing all of this, though I knew the answer, I sat at my meditation wall, closed my eyes and asked if there was a message for me. Immediately it got really bright. I remember wondering if I was seeing white light on my eyelids then realizing that it was an external light. I opened my eyes and the lamp on my desk had immediately come on when I asked the question.

I really didn’t doubt what I already knew but this just validated it for me. I was able let my husband know that I had no doubt in my mind about our spirits; that it was not an “electrical glitch.”

Since those incidents, I had smudged my home quite intensely one day as I had an experience that quite unnerved me; very different from the above experiences.

I had had a friend stay with us who has had quite a lifetime of dealing with good, and bad, spirits.

When she stayed here, our basement was being renovated all but the guest bedroom where she stayed. So, I tacked a couple of sheets onto the beam separating the room to hide the construction mess while she stayed.

The day after she left, I went down to the basement and the seam between the two sheets, in the very middle of my basement, was flapping like it was on a clothesline in a strong wind.

Again, logic wants to find a good reason so I check all the windows, closed all the doors and the sheet continued to swing. Not just a little, a whole lot!

So to get to the point after all that, I ran upstairs and got my smudge, lit it and cleansed the room. I took ownership of my space sending whatever was causing this back to where they came from, or to cross over to the light. Whatever it needed to do to be gone from my home!

In doing this, the “good spirits” that I was aware of and didn’t mind having in my home must have crossed over. They no long play with my lights or interact with any of my pictures.

I have, since then, successfully smudged homes where people are feeling that spirit is in their space and making them feel very uncomfortable or, in some cases, their quality of life is being impacted i.e., unable to sleep, seeing shadows, or just feeling bad in their own homes.

Spirits can live with us and even let us know they are here without being a bother or hindering out quality of life. If they do begin to be bothersome, you can set boundaries with them.

However, if you are feeling impacted by negative spirits that are bothering you or impacting your quality of life, your house can be smudged to help alleviate the problem.

You can try it yourself and hopefully it will work. Otherwise, it may take someone different, with experience, to help you.

If I can be of any assistance or guidance, do feel free to comment below or send a personal message through facebook or email valerieposthumus@gmail.com

Until next time,


A Real Hug From Heaven

Last night I was dreaming. Not so unusual you say and you are right. In this dream were family members coming together, one of which was my mother. Still not so unusual.

My mom passed away two years ago this coming Christmas and I have been really missing her lately. The other day I came across pictures of her on my phone and took a minute to stopping and say, “Hi Mom, I miss you!”, and probably some other stuff.

Yesterday I was at my sisters and of course we talked about mom and shared some stories as we usually would. “Mom would like this or she definitely wouldn’t like that. So it’s no wonder I would dream about her last night.

What  is SO incredible about this dream is that in it mom and I hugged. Not the type of hug I remember that says it was great to see you and I’ll see you soon. No, this was the  type of hug that said I haven’t seen you in forever and I SO missed you. It may have even been saying I won’t see you forever again.

This hug was so very real and poignant that I woke up out of my dream and I could still physically feel the embrace that we shared. I fully believe that in spirit last night my mom and I had a hug. A much needed, much loved hug that I will carry with me forever. I sure hope that I get those hugs frequently. I welcome them and will embrace them.

Thanks for visiting me in my dreams mom and thanks for still loving me and hugging me!

I would love to hear your experience with spirit and messages, contact with loved ones. Feel free to share in the comments or send me an email to valerieposthumus@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this journey with me.

Hugs beautiful souls.

Until next time,





My Healing Space

As I sit here in my Reiki room, I have so much gratitude for having this special place in my home. 

It is peaceful in here. It is quiet. It is my sanctuary. 

There is so much good done in this room with the Reiki energy. It is loving, kind, gentle and healing for those who enter in. Even if the rest of the house were in chaos, this place exists, is welcoming, and is peaceful for any who spend time in here. 

The hunter green velour chair becons one to sit and stay a while: read, meditate, pray, relax. Whatever the heart desires/needs to bring peace to the soul. 

I have my beautiful candles burning and the smell of the sage smudge instantly tells my brain that this is a special time, a healing time, a relaxing time, just for me. 

I urge you to create such a space for yourself and your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be a whole room. It can be a reading nook that is designated as your peaceful place. A spot to sit and release the day-to-day stresses. A place your brain recognizes as THE place to rest and heal. Put things in this space that you absolutely love. Let it be your happy place. 

Having internal peace and a place to escape is of utmost importance in this world today. While everything and everyone else is speeding up and spinning out of control, you will have the physical, emotional and spiritual peace you need to be happy and healthy. 

Create a space and use it daily. I come in here and read every night where before I would idly sit and watch mindless television. 

Trade some of those unhealthy habits for positive, self-loving ones. I know you can do it! 

Until next time,

Blessings beautiful souls. 

Where Have You Been?

Have you ever had a song, a smell or simply a name take you back to another time?  The other day I heard a name I haven’t heard since adolescence.  Immediately upon hearing it I was taken back to my teenage years as if it was yesterday.

What about a dream?  Have you ever awoken from a dream feeling as if you were REALLY there, in that moment in time??  Were you “really there”, could be!  This is why I say you may have been.  One night I had a dream, not unusual for anyone right?  Except, in this dream I was a young woman, late teens maybe early 20’s, I was standing in what I would describe as a very old, back kitchen with another young woman.  We were in dresses symbolic of a time very long ago.  We were seemingly waiting and just chatting when I recall saying to her, “I wonder what Mr. Lincoln will speak about this afternoon?”

Now, I didn’t know much about Mr. Lincoln other than he made a famous speech and he has a statue in Washington, DC that my history buff husband and I visited several years ago.  Awaking from this very strange to me dream, I did some Googling of Mr. Lincoln.  I learned that he made the Gettysburg Address and that he did, in fact, speak on the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863.  Long before my time here on earth for sure!

I find this fascinating as I am not a history buff and had little knowledge of this past President of the United States until I read up on him after this experience.  Now why would I have had such a dream?  Oftentimes, I can look back to my waking hours and connect a dream to something that would have triggered it from my day.  Not this time for sure! Did my spirit actually go back to a time long ago and far away?  I believe that it may have been possible.  I sure felt like I had just been there!

Had you asked me prior to this, I may have said something like, “I’ve never experienced anything but that’s not to say it’s not possible!”  I’ve always kept an open mind to things that others have said they have experienced.  Simply because I haven’t doesn’t mean it’s not true or not possible in my books. Since this dream, however, I now feel that things like past life regression may be possible.

Is it possible that our souls come into this human form and leave, as we are quite certain that they do, and then come back in another time, another place?  I certainly don’t have the definitive answer but I surely no longer disregard that possibility.free-falling-dream-richard-davisHave you had past life regression?  Do you believe that such a thing is possible?  Please add your voice to the comments below.

Until next time,



Read the Signs

My husband and I both feel that we were given a sign not to participate in a group motorcycle ride last weekend.20140427_181545

Here’s the deal.  The ride was to be on Sunday and so Friday night he decided, out of the blue, to check the bike over.  We had put 220km on it the weekend before with no issues whatsoever!  He discovered that the back tire was absolutely flat!  No pressure reading at all.  He pumped it up and overnight it was absolutely flat again, no reading on the pressure gauge.

He took the tire to a local motorcycle dealer.  They took the tube out and tested it with no signs of any leaks (totally submersed in water and no air bubbles to be seen).  Seemingly the tube was fine!

We decided that this might be a sign that we weren’t to go on this ride after all, just to be safe.  Come Sunday morning the tube was fine.  Still fully inflated!  We decided that it was still better that we stay home.

Stan has since put a new tube in the bike and the old tube?  Well, it is still sitting fully inflated in the garage and has not lost any air!

We can never be sure if this WAS actually a sign for us or not.  All I know is that we are definitely safe, happy and healthy without having gone.  I waited to hear if there was any kind of issue during the ride but it seems it was an absolutely beautiful, successful day! I’m very happy and thankful for that.

Have you got a similar story of a “sign” you thought was giving you direction?  Did you listen?  SHOULD you have listened?  Please share in the comments below as we are not alone in times like these.

Until next time beautiful souls!




In My Dreams

Have you ever had a passed love one come tdreamo you in spirit or in your dreams? What did they look like  and what did they say?

I’ve chosen this topic because in the past three nights my Mom has come into my dreams twice.  It has been almost 8 months since her passing and in all that time I only dreamt of her twice, until now.

Two nights ago when she was in my dream I am pretty sure she was younger in the beginning.  At the end she was elderly, tired and suffering the COPD that she had when she passed.  This morning, however, I had already been awake before I fell into this dream.  She was younger, again, and we were going through her dresser.  There was a picture of a mom, either hers or my step-dad, Albert’s.  She said she wanted to keep that one for now.

Then a little further along in the dream I mentioned how great it was that she could just get in the car and drive. (Mom only briefly drove when dad passed away in 1976 and never did get her full license).  She made the comment that she had only done it a time or two.  I encouraged her to just go the speed limit and she would be just fine.

This time she didn’t appear to get old and I am wondering if Mom is connecting with me on a spiritual level.  I absolutely hope so!  I miss her and talk to her usually at some point everyday.

Again, I’ll ask you if you’ve had any experience with a loved one connecting with you? Please let me know in the comments below.  Share your experience for those of us going through the same thing or still wishing to!

Love and light,



A Call From Mom



A couple of mornings ago I was in that state between wakefulness and dreaming.  I remember dreaming about being on a trip and having to get back to the airport.  Next I was dreaming that I was talking to a fellow and then I got on a motorcycle (yes, I wish!!)  and rode down a long sidewalk .

But then, I was here in my house and a phone started to ring. I walked over to our breakfast bar and answered the phone.  It was the voice of my mother who passed in December 2015.  She said, “Thank you for being such sweeties and calling so late!”  Her voice was very clear as if I were really speaking with her!  However, somewhere in my brain my consciousness said, “Wait, your mom is no longer here!” And whatever may have come after that initial statement was lost. I will have to train myself and my brain to not interfere when such things happen so that I might get the full benefit of a wonderful message.

Of course I felt both joy and heartache at such an experience!  Since Mom passed guilt has tried many times to rear its ugly head.  Things I could have done better/or more of, things I should and shouldn’t have done!  I frequently have to ward it off as there is nothing that I can do now to change what I did or didn’t do in the past.

If you have lost a loved one and they send you messages, embrace it, love it, hold on to it!  If guilt tries to overpower you, as it does me, then work each and every time to release it.  There truly isn’t anything you can do to make things different now and it will only diminish your emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

I speak to Mom frequently telling her how much I love and miss her and how sorry I am for the times I shoulda/coulda/woulda.  That’s all I can do and it has to be enough.

If you have similar experiences and would like to share, please leave a comment below or connect with me on Facebook at Valerie Posthumus Reiki Master Teacher.

Love and light beautiful souls!



Energy, Spirit, Self Discovery and Culture in Japan!

Well I’ve been and returned from Japan!  What an amazing journey of exploration, self discovery and energy.

We stayed with a friend, her husband and three children.  She had been an exchange student in our home in 1991!  It was so wonderful to be there with her, immersed in her culture and getting to know her family.  We first landed in Tokyo where they live and enjoyed a few days of touring around, discovering the city and enjoying the delicious food!


One of the first things we did with our family is visit Mount Fuji!  Wow, is all I can say!  As we were driving down the highway we turned a corner and there it was in the distance.  It literally took my breath away to actually see it.  We continued to drive up to the 5th Step they call it.  It’s about half way up the mountain if I recall correctly.  The rest of the way from there was hiking and non of us were intending to do that on this day.  However, if I had been alone I certainly would have ventured hiking up to the 6th step at least!  Oh well, maybe another time!

Can you see the rock star with sunglasses on just about smack dab in the middle of this photo?

One of the things I MOST wanted to do while there was explore energy.  I wanted to go to places where spirit would be.  Well, with the help of my ever supportive husband and our host family, I did just that! After our initial stay in Tokyo we were gifted a trip to both Hiroshima and Kyoto by our host family.  She called it a little Honeymoon for us and it sure was.

My first experience with energy/spirit was in Hiroshima. Of course there was great destruction and many deaths there.  It was a time of great sorrow, loss and pain.  Seeing the Atomic Bomb Dome was very shocking and I felt a great deal of sadness for the tragedy of that time.  I don’t think that is unusual of anyone who visits there.  However, when we visited the Peace Museum there was a particular spot where I seemed to actually feel the great sadness and I felt a very physical heaviness come down upon me.  I feel that was something very spiritual for me.


Walking through the Children’s Memorial Park, created to remember some 7800 children who died as a result of the bomb, was also a very solemn and bittersweet opportunity.  It is a beautiful place and a wonderful tribute to the children but oh so tragic to have so many young lives wasted.


After only a one-night stay in Hiroshima we travelled by bullet train to Kyoto.  THIS was where I wanted to be!  There are so many temples and shrines all over the city.  We first visited the Golden Temple.  It is very big, shiny and beautiful to see.  The gardens surrounding it are ethereal and pristine. It is also simply a tourist destination – I didn’t sense anything spiritual happening there.  You pay your money, walk the loop and voila you’re done!

As mentioned earlier my husband did a phenomenal job of finding little out of the way places where it wasn’t crowded with tourists.  We took bicycles, yes we rode for 7 hours one day, up into the mountainside.  Here he found a beautiful little temple with no one in it but the lovely lady who was in charge.  I was able to just go in and the energy that was there was tangible.  It was loving, peaceful, calming and welcoming.  I stayed for quite a bit of time there just praying, sitting and enjoying the moment.


We then walked across the road to a little garden with a small memorial shrine in it.  What a beautiful, serene place to spend some time.  I sat by the pond and just embraced the moment admiring the beauty of this quiet little space.  I was completely at peace and in awe, all at the same time.  These were the most spiritual places that I experienced during our time in Kyoto.  We did travel around and found many more but they were more crowded with tourists so we just kept moving along.


We returned to Tokyo after a few days and our host decided that we should visit Mount Takao. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Takao So the next day we took the metro to the other end of Tokyo city and went up Mount Takao.  Now anyone who knows us will know that neither Stan nor I are avid hikers.  

SOOO, we took the chair lift part way up the mountain.  It was still one heck of a long haul up to the very top.  Along the way we traversed many stairs and uphill paths.  We also saw many shrines, temples and memorials that were both interesting and intriguing as we didn’t understand what most of them were for or about.

One place in particular had me stop.  I just felt that I should stay in this place for a time.  I stood there with my hands turned upward, eyes closed, just feeling the place and the moment.  I had such a strong feeling of energy in my hands.  It can be so intense that I’m not entirely sure whether it’s coming or going, maybe both at once.  What a wonderful feeling in such a beautiful and serene place.  Once again I was all alone in that moment as Stan usually wondered off checking out something else and patiently waiting while I did my thing!  🙂20160509_114614

Carrying along amongst the trees, some of which are ancient, I would just hold my hands face up and exchange energy with the trees.  It is a very tangible feeling that I get and I am often in awe of this gift.  At one point we were passing a line of ancient cedar trees and so I stopped to put my hands on one of the trees
just to exchange energy.  As I did so, a number of other people stopped at the next tree and put their hands on it too.  One lady even put her dog’s paw on the tree.  I’m not sure if it is common for them to hug trees too or if they were following my lead.  Either way, I hope the tree got some love that day! 🙂



On our final day in Japan we went to a hot spring Onsen a short train ride from our host home. This was a beautiful, peaceful, magical place.  There were many hot tubs to enjoy.  First you completely shower (naked, yes, you are naked) and then you enjoy the experience of being in the dark mountain water.  The first hot tub I tried was really quite hot.  I could only stay in there for a few moments.  The next was ice cold, that’s not very nice of them, I should have realized in that the water was clear in that one.  Next was a beautiful rock tub with trees all around and peace, great peace.  Though other women were coming and going it was very quiet and serene, a wonderful place to just BE!  I also tried the very traditional basin-style tub.  It is like a big pot that would make soup for many people and it was hot enough too!  🙂  Climbing some stairs I found a wonder, almost tree-top tub where I could sit all alone and enjoy the sounds of nature, the sunlight and the freedom to completely relax and unwind.20160510_144806

After the hot tubs, and donning the provided Japanese-style dressing suit,  I enjoyed laying in the serene resting room on a tatami mat floor.  This is a place to rejuvenate, meditate or even sleep as one person obviously was!  (the snoring was slightly distracting but what can you do, he/she paid their admission too).

Stan eventually joined me as the men and women are segregated due to the extremely natural nature of this experience.  He looked SO completely relaxed and at peace.  How could we not be in such a magnificent place having had such an incredible experience that cannot be had here at home.

All in all I had the most wonderful spiritual experience: energy, excitement, peace, self discovery, adventure and culture.  I would absolutely make the long trek to this beautiful place again in a heartbeat and I plan to do just that one day!  I’m sure there is a whole lot more energy for me to find and share there!

Thanks for reading to the end!  Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Love and light,






Spirit Speaks

This past week I had a Reiki session with a newer client.  Though she has only come to me a few times as of now I feel that we have created a good energetic connection.  Her body has “spoken” to me in terms of areas that need energy and areas where there are issues needing attention.

Well, in this last session when she arrived she let me know she had a cold and was concerned about making me sick before I travel later this month.  I told her not to worry; that I wasn’t concerned about catching her cold.  Her successful session was my main concern.

Midway through the session I heard in my head, “Watch for pneumonia!” I am convinced that this was a Divine message for her.  After the session I gave her the message and cautioned her to pay attention to her body and to seek medical attention should she feel she needed it.  Reiki is an alternative therapy – good solely for some things but also as a compliment to medical treatments.

Whenever I have had such an experience in a session I relay the message to the client. There have already been several instances of messages that I hear in my head. These, for example, are random thoughts that pop into my head.  It will likely never have any relevance to me but it surely will mean something to them. Of course, in this case it was obvious!  While I am doing Reiki I focus on clearing my mind of thoughts so that the energy can flow freely through me.

The very next day we were passing each other in our cars (we live in a very small town) and she flagged me down.  She was just on her way home from the hospital – she was diagnosed with pneumonia!!!  The doctor asked why she hadn’t come sooner and she said she hadn’t felt it until that morning.  It was because I had given her the message that she DID pay attention when her lung felt different the VERY NEXT MORNING!!!

It simply leaves me in awe that I have been chosen to receive this gift – these messages – that impact peoples’ lives in powerful ways.  It brings me great joy to share the gifts of Reiki and Intuition with my clients.

I will continually work at developing these gifts in order to be of the greatest use to Our Divine Spirit, God, Source – however you see the higher power that blesses us – and to the people who come to me to experience it.

In love and light!


Divine Intervention

I don’t intend to bore you with my life story, however, I DO want you to understand the journey that has led me to where I am today.  So bear with me if you will!

As a young child I went to Sunday school.  Not with my family but on a bus that came from a neighboring town to pick children up who wouldn’t otherwise have church.  I have very fond memories of being there, the people and especially being in the Christmas Pageant one year.  I believe that a seed of faith was planted in me there.  I stopped going at some point and I don’t really know why.

Fast forward many years.  I was married and had my first child.  My husband and I were invited to go to church. Thinking it was a good idea we both went.  Somehow it spoke to my heart and the people were very nice.  Developing faith and relying on it through the toughest of times greatly improved my well being.

Eventually the marriage ended and I still went to church.  One day I walked into church not knowing how I was going to feed my children.  I had no money coming in until my next paycheck.  As I walked in I said (in my mind), “God, I don’t know what will happen but I KNOW we will be alright!”

A lovely lady who always sat behind me in church handed me an envelope as soon as I arrived.  I thanked her and popped it into my Bible.  After service she asked me how I would manage for Christmas Dinner.  I smiled and said, “I’ll be fine!”  In my head I’m thinking, “I don’t know about this week, never mind several weeks from now.”  She said she wanted to buy my Christmas Dinner and proceeded to write a wonderful check for us!!

Crying, I thanked her so very much!  When I got to my car I opened the envelope she had given me as soon as I arrived.  There was already a good amount of cash in it!  I cried even more and looked up and said, “Thank you!!”  So not only did I not have to worry about Christmas Dinner, I also had money for food in between! God made sure I had what I needed before I even asked as she obviously had that card ready before I arrived at church!!!  I have no doubt that divine intervention was at work in having this beautiful soul be so generous to me and my children.

I spent a couple of decades in the church.  Since then my journey has been one of opening up to spirituality.  I still absolutely believe in God, the Divine presence, angels, and spirit guides.  In this journey I am learning to feel their presence around me and I strongly hope to openly communicate with them some day.

The Reiki energy, I feel, is an amazing gift that I have received and am blessed to share with those who are interested and in need of peace and healing in their mind, body and soul!

I will soon travel to Japan!  I am so beyond excited as this trip seems very timely in this journey of mine.  We will visit Kyoto where there are many shrines and temples and I’m curious to see how I feel there and what impact they have on me.

This is a very exciting journey for me and I just never know what is around the next corner.  The possibilities are endless as doors seem to continually open for me to try new things, have new experiences and stretch beyond any barriers I might set for myself.

Thank you for tuning in and reading this story.  I hope it helps you to understand me and the place I am in today.

In love and light,